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Phone: 301-456-7081

Pooch Style’s Policy



All appointments made require 24 hour notice for cancelation. All appointments missed due to late cancelation or no show, will have a fee of $25.00 added to their records. All fees must be paid in full before being serviced for future appointments. For your convenience you can text 301-787-0763 to cancel no later than 9pm on the day before your scheduled appointment. We understand that there may be emergencies that will prohibit you from keeping your appointment, and those cases may not result in a fee.


All pets are different. So, all finishing times are estimates. We give a general promise time of 3-4 hours. However because everyday is different we may be faced with challenges that result in longer wait times. As pet professionals it is our duty to make sure all pets in our facility are groomed safely and given the proper care. To insure this, there my be longer wait times. Please know that all pets in the facility over 4 hours will be walked to relive themselves and stretch their limbs. Pets are also given fresh water. No treats are given unless they are left by the owner or Pooch Styles has been authorized.


All Grooming or Daycare pets are expected to be picked up before the closing hour. Any pets left in the facility after hours (Grooming or Daycare) will be charged a $40 boarding fee.


All complaints must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment to receive resolve. We will not be held responsible for any complaint there after. We ask that you make sure your pets grooming is to your liking before leaving the facility. It is our goal to make sure you are satisfied so please do not hesitate to ask for a correction to your groom. If you do not ask or tell us we will never know.


Holiday and Saturday’s are the shops busiest time. During these hours we have high amounts of pets in the facility and will need all pets to be picked up within 2 hours of receiving your finished pet call. We will call 30 minutes before your pet is done. You will have one hour to pick up your pet from the ready time. If your pet is not picked up within that time you will be charged $5.00 after the first 30 minutes and there after. In total we’ll give you 30 minutes notice, 1 hour will start at the time given for pick up, and a grace period of 30 minutes before being charged. That calculates to a total of 2 hours. We understand that there may be emergencies that will prohibit you from picking up on time and those cases may not result in fees.


As of January 2016 tips can no longer be processed by credit card. However tips are greatly appreciated by cash only.