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Paws for lives senior out reach program is designed to go into community’s to aid our senior citizens with caring for their pets.  Often times people do not realize how important pets are to our seniors.  In many cases our elders are forgotten, we don’t have time for them, or all their family members have passed on.  Pets become their main purpose for living.   Pets also help aid in their owners well being.  Such as depression,  and remembering things.  Pets all over the country are used in many therapeutic ways and are great assets in young and older people’s lives. Most seniors live on a fixed income and can hardly meet their financial need yet alone to  properly care for their pets.  When mentioning an illness or issue with some pets in our care, most seniors say they just can’t afford to get the simple things their pets need.

Our program is at the ground stage and offers services such as toe nail trimming, ear cleaning, combing and brushing,  sanitary cuts, walking,(at clients home) and rides to veterinarian care.  These services are done free of charge.  We also offer discount grooming at Pooch Styles for seniors every Tuesday. Our goal is to one day offer low cost shots, food, and veterinarian care.  Let’s remember those who cared for us by helping them care for the pets they love.