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logosmallPooch Styles is a full-service pet care salon designed and dedicated to consistently provide superior customer service and satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality pet care, and furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price. We will maintain a family friendly, pet inspired, creative, work environment with diversified ideas, and devoted hard work.Our services are not limited to just everyday basic grooming needs.  We also offer creative grooming.  From colors to feathers, sensitive skin treatments, spa packages, holistic food and treats, yes…we do it all!

Kyonna F. Brown, Premier Pet Care Specialist

Since 2012 Kyonna F. Brown, the Owner-Operator and Creator of Pooch Styles and Paws For Lives, has designed and implemented a fast paced, customer service oriented, profession in a lucrative market. She has earned the respect of her colleagues through her honesty, hard work and dedication. She is also the published author of: How To Care For the Pet I Love. An easy to reference go to guide, on day-to-day, care of your pets. Kyonna services the pets of friends, family, government officials and frequently there have been one or more pets being temporarily sheltered in the boarding facility. From business colleagues to friends surveyed, Kyonna has earned a reputation to make this endeavor extremely successful. She relies on her expertise and professional staff to exceed expectations and her stellar reputation has enabled her to establish a strong client base.


pawsforlivesPaws For Lives was created to assist seniors with the care of their pets.  We also assist seniors in nursing homes and in hospice care with pet food, grooming, and vet care. We understand that many seniors are on fixed incomes and their pets are an intricate part of their lives.  We are also aware that too often pets are the only constant in senior citizen’s lives and their pets give them purpose.  It is our goal to help senior owned pets from being neglected, which does happen occasional, not because they are not loving and caring pet owners, but because the owners do not have adequate resources to care for them pets properly.